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BIGinBIO startups science activity

Thank you The Ganesha Lab for selecting Trears Biomarkers to join the next #BIGinBIO! We are honored to be part of Ganesha Lab’s 8th generation, among other outstanding #startups. Thrilled to be transforming #science into good businesses with inventor, colleague and dear friend Andrés Herane-Vives. Find out more at www.Trears.com #scaleup #innovation #biotech #entrepreneurs

New earwax test could reveal stress levels and depression risk

Have you heard? Psychiatric researchers believe they may have discovered a surprising new approach to diagnosing depression and potentially other emotional disorders — through the ear, of all places. They discovered that earwax retains concentrations of the stress hormone cortisol, which is used to assess mental fitness in clinical settings. For now, doctors use subjective […]

How should you deal with stress in 2020? Here’s my advice

I thought I didn’t have a lot on, but working up disaster scenarios in my head – from the US election to the pandemic – is the closest I have come to a full-time job ‘I am as worried about the dog’s T-shirt being too small as I am about all the Argos closures. The […]

Una prueba de cera del oído podría revelar los niveles de estrés

Imagen referencial. Un dispositivo recolecta una muestra de cera para analizar la hormona del estrés cortisol. Foto: Pexels / Karolina Grabowska Una investigación reveló que la cera del oído podría usarse para medir los niveles de estrés y depresión en las personas. De acuerdo con información del medio Independent, publicada el 4 de noviembre del 2020, investigadores desarrollaron un dispositivo, similar a un bastoncillo de algodón tradicional, para […]

Una prueba a partir de la cera de los oídos podría revelar los niveles de estrés

Se podrían desarrollar mejores formas de diagnosticar enfermedades mentales El cortisol puede influir en casi todos los sistemas del cuerpo Un estudio realizado por investigadores del University College de Londres ha demostrado que la acomulación de cortisol, la hormona del estrés, se puede medir a partir de la cera del canal auditivo. De esta manera, […]

Chilean doctor in London discovers a new method for detecting depression

BENJAMIN ANSON/THE SANTIAGO TIMES STAFF As heavy, incessant rains splattered upon the flimsy roof up above me in a rustic classroom from which I teach English to 6th grade in a bilingual school in western Honduras, I held my phone close to the right ear – in an attempt to hear the speaker on the […]

Scientists Develop New Method of Testing Stress Through Earwax

Earwax might be gross, but scientists are getting behind a test that measures patients’ stress levels through the unsightly substance. Per The Guardian, the test measures levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which can build up in a person’s earwax. A psychiatrist at University College London Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Dr. Andres Herane-Vives, is interested in seeing how raised or lowered levels of cortisol can […]

Earwax can reveal how stressed you are

According to researchers from University College London and King’s College London, the new device can be used at home without clinical supervision, facilitating medical check-ups while maintaining social distancing due to Covid-19. Cortisol has been considered as a possible biomarker, or objective biological measure, for depression, but researchers have been stymied by challenges in accurately […]