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Trears Test

Trears Test

The First Test Specially Designed for Sampling Earwax for Analysis

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Data Dispersion in Earwax Weights Using a Clinical Method v/s Trears Test

Trears Test demonstrated to be as consistent as the clinical method for removing earwax samples for analysis.
Coefficients of Variation (CVs) for non-parametric data using Vector of Sample’s Squared Relative Dispersion (VSRD)
The Reiner-Alexander Syringe was used a clinical method
In Herane-Vives, Andrés et al. (2020) A Self-Cleaning Earwax Device A Novel Earwax Self-Cleaning Device: A Feasibility Study. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.28073.13921.

Instructions for using Trears Test

Please follow these instructions for safe and effective cleaning of your ears



Wash your hands.


Remove the TrearsTM device and one sealed disposable tip from the case and put it on a clean surface. Warning: Do not use nor reuse cleaning tips if they were not properly sealed.


Remove one cleaning tip from its packaging and insert into the TrearsTM Test by turning it clockwise until it clicks.



Carefully and gently insert TrearsTM (with one disposable tip attached) into your ear. Do not force cleaning tip into the ear canal. Caution: The device has a safety brake, you should not introduce the device into your ear canal beyond what the brake allows.


Clean your ear rubbing the cleaning tip all over the walls of the inside of your ear for around 30 to 60 seconds.You will be able to safely clean your ear due to the safety brake of TrearsTM



Remove the cleaning tip from TrearsTM turning it in anticlockwise direction.


Dispose of the previously used cleaning tip into any household waste container. The tip is biodegradable.Warning: Do not flush down toilet.