Trears Device


The First Device Specially Designed for Sampling Earwax for Analysis

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Data Dispersion in Earwax Weights Using a Clinical Method v/s Trears Device

Coefficients of Variation (CVs) for non-parametric data using Vector of Sample’s Squared Relative Dispersion (VSRD)

The Reiner-Alexander Syringe was used a clinical method

In Herane-Vives, Andrés et al. (2020) A Self-Cleaning Earwax Device A Novel Earwax Self-Cleaning Device: A Feasibility Study. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.28073.13921.

Trears Device

Trears Device demonstrated to be as consistent as the clinical method for removing earwax samples for analysis.

Advantages of Using Trears Device

  • Standardised data collection - thereby reducing error as compared to the use of cotton swabs.
  • Safe data collection - eliminating the risks associated with use of cotton buds to sample earwax.
  • Proven standardised results (graphs above).
  • Cheap and easy to use - no need to pay for costly clinicians.
  • Convenient, social distanced data collection - participants may collect samples from their own homes.
  • Reduced complaints – no side effect will be reported for using Trears.