Earwax Cortisol


Observed Associations when Earwax Cortisol Using a Clinical Method and Trears Device were Correlated with Hair Cortisol

The earwax and hair (1 cm) samples represented one month of retrospective cortisol accumulation.

Earwax and hair samples were taken one month after a baseline earwax cleaning procedure.

In Herane-Vives, Andrés et al. (2020). Measuring Earwax Cortisol Concentration Using a Non-Stressful Method DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.25975.98722


  • Faster results. Earwax cortisol analysis requires 4 times fewer working hours than hair samples.
  • More suitable participants. No covariate affects cortisol levels in earwax.
  • Preferable to participants compared to hair samples. 30% of participants do not provide hair for analysis.
  • More reliable results. As opposed to the hair follicle, the ceruminous glands are not innervated.